Roman 3 Collaborations

What we do

We specialize in Community and Economic Development solutions. We inspire change in how government and NGOs understand growing communities and growing economies through collaboration. We shape partnerships and teams to build capacity that create innovative solutions. Our focus is the implementation of projects with strategic value. We have all seen studies commissioned that went nowhere due to lack of implementation support. We don’t want to tell you what you should do, we want to work with you to affect change.

How can we help you collaborate?

Local governments, nonprofits, and businesses are all trying to get ahead and stay effective and relevant in a increasingly complex world. They all look to grow, build, and increase impact. But to do this effectively they need help. That’s where we come in.

We can help you create new ideas, build strategic concepts, assess feasibility, find and recruit partners and collaborators, and successfully implement.

Some of our tools and strategies:

D4: Our method to help your organization build a strategic framework.

STEEPLE: Our process to assess factors, risks, and benefits of your current situation.

ASPECT: Our unique analysis tool to create actions and evaluations based on your strengths and potential.

Collaboration Commissioner: Our sustainable approach to managing the relationships of an investment in collaboration or collaborative enterprises.

Learn more about our approach and expertise in collaboration, please checking out our Article section.

In our work to promote collaboration and collaborative enterprises, we have created this booklet to be used as a planning tool and guide to promote cooperative and collaborative efforts. Click this link to access the booklet in a PDF.

If you would like to learn more about how Roman 3 Collaborations can help your organization be more strategic and collaborative, please contact:

W. Coby Milne – Partner | Public Sector Innovations

(902) 932-7300 –