NEXTGEN Managers

As part of Roman 3 Professional Solutions’ training programs, we partnered with Morton Horticultural Associates to develop a Middle Manager workshop series for the agriculture sector called: Empowering Agriculture’s NEXTGEN Manager.

What is in this program for me?

Commons concerns with new managers are:

– I feel unprepared for my role

– I don’t feel respected or confident in my role

– I want to motivate my team

– I want them to respect me

When these concerns are not resolved:

– Productivity drops

– Morale suffers

– Staff leave

– Business suffers

What can I do?    Invest in your Management and HR skills!

Effective and Confident Managers can:

-Reduce conflict

-Increase productivity

-Save money

– Inspire employees

– Be appreciated by superiors

– Prepare their business for the future

Our Empowering Agriculture’s NEXTGEN Manager program can help you cultivate your untapped management potential. Effective managers are not born, they are made. Our program can help you discover your hidden talent and potential as a NEXTGEN Manager.

Download our Human Resources Level #1.0 information booklet to learn about our process and get started:

Empowering Agriculture’s NEXTGEN Manager – Information Booklet

Our Human Resources Level #1.0 is the first of a large series of training programs:

If you would like to learn more about Empowering Agriculture’s NEXTGEN Manager program, or how Roman 3 Professional Solutions can help you strengthen capacity in your organization or industry, please contact:

W. Coby Milne – Partner | Public Sector Innovations

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