Roman 3 Professional Solutions

What we do

We specialize in human resources (HR), workplace culture, and workforce solutions. We inspire organizations to invest in their teams and workplace culture to create a stronger workforce and labour market. We work with companies and associations to create a culture of innovation driven by confident leadership. We train and advise on progressive Human Resources strategies and support organizations and leaders in implementing cultural shifts and change management. We don’t want to help your employees past the time, we want to help them be productive.

How can we support professional growth?

Roman 3 Professional Solutions is committed to building internal capacity. Our approach to professional development is People, Policies, Process. It is the people who are the most important element to any organization. By investing in building their capacity, they will shape the policies and the processes that will lead to growth.

Our workshops, presentations, and seminars allow us to inspire the leaders of today, and of tomorrow, to take action and transform their industry.

What do our clients think of our work?

Roman 3 deliver a high quality learner driven presentation and discussion on how community groups could work together to benefit the greater community. They presented models and used plain language and appropriate examples. They are a huge asset to my work, and for other members of community.

– Andrea Parker; Coordinator of the West Hants Uniacke Community Health Board

Roman 3 Solutions was great to work with! I found them to be responsive and professional in all interactions, whether it be email or in-person. They remained focused on providing a valuable experience for our institution and students.

– Matthew R Balsor; Acadia University, Co-operative Education

I would highly recommend this group – its Partners are insightful, innovative and authentic leaders. Our students continue to find the Roman 3’s delivery of the material relatable, interesting, flexible, and authentic. They are respectful of diversity of opinions and thoughts shared within the audience.

– Shelley Meldrum; Faculty School of Business at NSCC Kingstec

Our subjects of expertise are:

– Collaboration

– Innovation

– Human Resources

– Leadership

– Strategic Intent and Planning

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Our Current Training Programs

We have partnered with Morton Horticultural Associates to develop an HR and Leadership training program geared toward middle managers in the Agriculture sector called: Empowering Agriculture’s NEXTGEN Manager.

Click this link to learn more about this program.

Our Current Resources

In our work to promote efficient and productive workplaces, we have created this booklet to be used as a guide to promote a new perspective in change management and workplace culture.

Click this link to access the booklet in a PDF.

If you would like to learn more about how Roman 3 Professional Solutions can help you strengthen capacity in your organization or industry, please contact:

W. Coby Milne – Partner | Public Sector Innovations

(902) 932-7300 –