Roman 3 Renewables

What we do

We specialize in on-site and local Anaerobic Digestion (AD) solutions. We inspire change in how companies understand energy security, sustainability and independence. We build a collaborative team of specialists and innovators to create customized sustainable energy solutions and help companies administer the project management and implementation of these strategies in the long term. We pride ourselves on working with you to create an AD solution, not just building you an AD system.

How can we help your business?

With rising energy costs and the additional expense of transportation for natural gas and propane the need to consider an on-site or local energy security option is more important now, then ever. We have some resources to help you explore how an AD system could help your business.

Here is helpful info packet on the basics of what an AD system is and how Roman 3 Renewables can help you find an AD solution to fit your needs.

AD System FAQ

External Resources:

Here is a Biogas Production Calculator from Biogas World (Tip: a medium sized system can use the equivalent of between 15,000 and 25,000 tons of feedstock; such as Cow Manure, Pig Manure, Vegetable Waste, etc.).

Here is an EU Based farm scale Anaerobic Digestion guide.

Here is a troubleshooting guide of common Biogas Plant problems from Biogas World.

If you would like to learn more about how Roman 3 Renewables can help you design a custom renewable solution, please contact:

James Schofield – Director, Roman 3 Renewables

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