Who we are

Our approach, like our name, draws on the process of INSPIRING change, fostering INNOVATION, and managing IMPLEMENTATION.

This is how we got our name, and this is how we create transformative change.

Meet our Founders

Roman 3 Solutions and our divisions thrive on successful partnerships and a commitment to collaboration. This is the heart of Roman 3’s mission and core values of our founding partners.

W. Coby Milne


Public Sector Innovations

W. Coby Milne leads Roman 3 Solutions’ Collaborations and Operations Divisions.   He is experienced in leading an intermunicipal corporation, designing and implementing workforce solutions, and managing various priority portfolios for municipalities and organizations, and leading progressive workforce and training projects.  Coby is a highly skilled in knowledge transfer, with a Master’s degree in Adult Education, and a knowledge expert on collaborative business models, forming and leading transformative collaborations and fostering a culture of innovation.

James Schofield


Director of Roman 3 Renewables

James Schofield leads Roman 3 Solutions’ Renewable and Clean Tech projects.  Building collaborative efforts with municipal and provincial governments and their agencies, post-secondary institutions, and industry partners. James leads a team of specialists to create innovative on-site and regional renewable energy solutions.  James has a background in Business Development as well as Economic Development and has designed projects to tackle industry wide challenges or capitalize on evidence-based opportunities by focusing on collaboration to accomplish shared goals.